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I haven’t been posting for about one month because I was fastidiously

moving into my new apartment in a 100 year old house in

downtown Ann Arbor, and have been facing ‘new space’ challenges…

what this blog is about!  I have discarded, ruthlessly purged,

kept only the useful or beautiful and am finely able to find cyber time

(also important for yin yang in one’s apartment).  Here is an

arrangement I just hung of Bulgarian photos which I framed recently,

and love dearly, purchased from the photographer’s wife.

This photo is an iPhone photo, not perfect, but you get the idea.  The

chest of drawers holds my CD collection, stationery and hats and

scarves.  The ‘Zen of My Flat’ is a new challenge, and one that I am

enjoying.  More photos to come!

No Christmas is complete without a trip to La Belle Maison, Ann Arbor, MI.  After working at the gallery, I pick a local store each evening to Christmas shop in the week before Christmas.  This is one of my favorites.  They have French and British accessories for the apartment or home, along with bath and beauty items and French jewelry.  I especially like their vintage prints (Chanel framed print in photo).  The third photo is Megan wrapping my finds…two clear glass French Spencer cups and a lovely silver Good Luck Ring.