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Being a framer, I always have an over abundance of framed prints, and drawings.

The trick is getting it all out of hiding in a sensible  and attractive fashion.

This is one way…using the shelves to group framed prints, interspersing objets d’art.

It is not too formal, and can be added to or taken away easily.

White as a background

always works for me!

The shelter, where solace is found.

(Source: danielriver)

Zumthor Studio , 1986
Haldenstein, Graubünden

I think this answers my question in the previous post.  This looks like the outside of that room; hence, that being the interior and this being the exterior of Peter Zumthor’s Studio.  For more images of his work, go to Dezeen’s blog.




It is a great idea to keep different colors of threads available for quick projects.   An old cookie tin or a mason jar are ideas for storage.


                                                                                                 Raft by Norm Architects