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Zumthor Studio , 1986
Haldenstein, Graubünden

I think this answers my question in the previous post.  This looks like the outside of that room; hence, that being the interior and this being the exterior of Peter Zumthor’s Studio.  For more images of his work, go to Dezeen’s blog.


unknown source | is that the architect Peter Zumthor…? | via jacony &

I am going to have to check into this and get back to you on this one.

Studio Apartment by The Brooklyn Home Company

The bookcases make this work.  This is all a busy person needs, keeping it simple yet beautiful.

Source: simplypi

I love the simplicity and class of this room.  This is a great way to display a Danish pottery collection or Arts & Crafts pottery.  This room just makes me feel good.  Notice the lack of wall art.


photo by Swedish Stellan Herner for Ikea.


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