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The Power of Pink


The use of this color, when done in this fashion can be dynamic. It creates a feeling of freshness and peace….love it!

Tea Time

What’s not to like about this spot? Waking up to this in the morning or coming home at night to have a spot of tea would be quite pleasant! The white is fresh, simple and appealing.


Books, Books...Design

Love the large print on the wall…
Love the focus on books, a reader’s space!

Pillow Love

– judy ross. found on




I have never been a fan of painting one wall in a room a different color, but I like the effect here.  I like the way the shiny of black of the painting becomes a backdrop for the simple white bed.

(via La maison d’Anna G.)


Getting ready to choose new fabric for my cushions, and find that there are myriads of gorgeous fabric to choose from.  I can only pick one, but what a difference it is going to make.